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FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy – Terra Única

Deep in Litoral Alentejano´s heart, where life is taken slow and an endless sea emerges on the background, we meet Santiago do Cacém – Terra Única. A place of natural beaty and gastronomy which combines the best of ALENTEJO with the seaside flavors. It´s here, between September 29th and October 2nd, where the FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy will take place!

Until 2021 this class was included on the ISDE but with the emerging expression and dimension, this sport is reuniting old friend and tales, making this event spectacular since the Presentation Parade until the last Cross Test.

Santiago do Cacém stages again an International Race, after the success of the Enduro GP Terra Única. The FIM, FMP (Federação Portuguesa de Motociclismo) and Clube Motor Sport de Vila Nova de Santo André, in collaboration with Município de Santiago do Cacém and Freguesia de Vila Nova de Santo André join forces to welcome you in these 4 days of Classic Motorcycles Races.

There are two Trophies, the Vintage Veterans Trophy (National teams with 3 riders, at least 50 years old, selected by each Federation) and Vintage Silver Vase Club (3 rider´s team with 40 years old minimum). You can also participate individually.

There are 5 classes:

Classic 75 (Manufactured until 1975)

A0: up to 75cc
A1: up to 125cc
A2: up to 175cc
A3: over 175cc175cc

Classic 79 (Manufactured until 1979)

B0: up to 75cc
B1: up to 125cc
B2: up to 175cc
B3: up to 250cc17
B4: over 250ccmais

Classic 83 (Manufactured until 1983)

C0: up to 80cc
C1: up to 125cc
C2: up to 250cc
C3: over 250cc175ccover

Open 1986 (Manufactured until 1986)

X1: up to 75cc
X2: over 125cc

Open 1991 (Manufactured until 1991)

No capacity distinction

FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy – Terra Única

The Schedule is the following:

28/09 (Wednesday) – Administrative/Technical Control and Opening Parade
29/09 (Thursday) – Administrative/Technical Control and Acceleration Test (Santo André)
30/10 (Friday) – 2 laps with 65 km (3 special test/lap)
01/10 (Saturday) – 2 laps with 70 km (3 special test/lap)
02/10 (Sunday) – Final MX and Prize Giving Ceremony

Registration open March 1st 2022



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